Independent Human Resources Consultant

I am an independent HR consultant with a strong commercial background in corporate roles.  I have over 30 years experience of professional Human Resources and director-level management work, and have been working as an independent consultant for the last 14 years.

Since leaving the corporate world where I worked mainly in software and telecoms businesses, I have gained significant experience undertaking consultancy work and projects with a wide variety of organisations large and small.  I have worked with numerous private, public and non-profit organisations, so can use that experience to offer support across a wide range of industry sectors.

What services can I offer your business?

I offer a wide range of HR business services – Please check out the Services page for details.

I’m always open to approaches if you or your organisation need some Human Resources related support, and want a flexible and pragmatic business partner to assist you.

Whether it’s an occasional need to pick up the phone and get some professional advice, or whether it’s a large international acquisition project and you need some additional expertise to support your existing team, please feel free to give me a call and talk it over.