As a business professional, I will agree fair rates for the particular type of work I undertake with your organisation.

Generally, I charge for ad-hoc work based on a hourly rate (rather than a fixed daily rate) which works well for my clients because they are only paying for the time I am actually working and contributing to their businesses!

Some project work and training can be delivered at fixed prices – I’m happy to talk further about the practicality of this to suit your requirements.

Rest assured that I will be competitive, and will represent value for your business.  I never charge retainers so you will only spend money when you are receiving a service from me.

I am also very happy to personally support the work of registered charities by offering discounts on my normal charge rates.

Extra Costs?  Where travel is involved I do charge for reasonable expenses.  The rates for this are clearly stated in my written terms of business, a copy of which is signed with all new clients before I begin any work.  Any other out-of-pocket expenses or rechargeable costs will always be agreed with you in advance.