I can provide a wide range of HR services from day to day basics to specialist HR investigations.  Sometimes these are  needed because you do not have the in-house expertise, but at other times it can just be better to have an independent professional involved to maintain the balance and neutrality of your internal teams!

Mainstream services are listed below, but if you do not see what your organisation needs, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

  • Giving sound Business and Legal Advice on employment law and other HR management matters.
  • Ensuring that you keep Policies, Procedures and other related HR documentation up-to-date and compliant with ever changing legal requirements.
  • Dealing with Employee Relations issues, including undertaking investigations, handling complex grievance and disciplinary cases, chairing or supporting hearings as an external/independent panel member, and facilitating mediated meetings between employees.
  • Restructure and Reorganization: Helping organizations plan for, manage, and successfully emerge from change with minimal interruption to business, and maximum retention of goodwill from employee, including TUPE transfers.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Helping with HR due diligence, TUPE and related consultations and communications with employees and staff representative groups on all sides of the equation.
  • Managing redundancy and potential redundancy consultation projects.
  • Providing regular HR management support either in place of an in-house HR Manager to help business keep fixed costs to an absolute minimum, or as an addition to your existing team during busy periods.
  • Recruitment and Selection, helping you to draft adverts and manage responses to helping plan and facilitate interview processes.
  • Delivering management training and coaching projects.